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You benefit from a complete team of experts with a single point of contact. Our experts are involved at each stage of development and are an integral part of your organization to help you to achieve your cybersecurity goals.

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System security assessment

Risk and vulnerability analysis

Identify, evaluate, and prioritize cyber risks and their impacts with our experts. Our approach is aligned with strategic decision-making and grounded in recognized methodologies including ISO27005, EBIOS, and TARA (ISO 21434)

Application security audit

Application audit conducted in accordance with OWASP TOP 10 recommendations and other referential.

System security audit

Our audit encompasses a static code analysis to identify vulnerabilities in software, alongside in-depth OS configuration assessments. According to ANSSI and NIST frameworks, we specialize in hardening both Linux and Microsoft systems, ensuring a robust, professional-grade security posture.

Penetration testing and threat assessment (HW/SW):

Our service offers a penetration testing and threat evaluation for both hardware and software systems. Utilizing advanced techniques, we simulate real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities and we provide the concepts of defense to include in your cybersecurity strategy.

Security by Design

Specification of security concepts (product, supplychain)

Our approach involves meticulously developing and defining security concepts tailored to your specific needs according to your development process. We focus on design robust, comprehensive strategies that ensure the highest level of protection for your systems.

Specifying security tests

Our engineering-focused approach meticulously defines a cybersecurity test plan to validate the integrity and robustness of your system's security implementation. We ensure comprehensive coverage of all cybersecurity specifications and rigorously check for vulnerabilities throughout the development cycle.

Specification of the Development Plan

Our engineering-centric methodology involves crafting a detailed development plan that integrates stringent cybersecurity concepts for each development phases. This plan is designed to align with your project's technical requirements while adhering to the highest cybersecurity standards.

Cybersecurity Project Management

We expertly guide your cybersecurity projects from start to finish (SOP), ensuring every phase of the project is executed with precision and security at the forefront. Our approach balances technical excellence with robust cybersecurity practices for optimal project outcomes.

Vulnerability Management

Our expertise extends beyond initial development, covering the entire lifecycle of your product, right up to the end of support. We deploy continuous security maintenance strategy, ensuring your product remains protected against evolving threats. Our team is equipped to deploy ongoing security updates and monitoring, ensuring your product's security integrity from inception to end-of-life.

Security Incident Management

In the lifecycle of your product, we offer dedicated incident management to swiftly address and resolve any security breaches. Our team is prepared to rapidly respond to and mitigate incidents, ensuring minimal impact and maintaining the integrity of your product throughout its lifespan.

CSMS Implementation (ISO 21434) & UNECE

Identification, assessment and prioritization of cyber risks and their impacts.
Decision support and strategic alignment.


ISMS Implementation (ISO 27001):

We specialize in implementing a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) aligned with ISO 27001 standards for your organization. Our approach ensures comprehensive risk management, enhancing the security posture of your organization and adhering to internationally recognized best practices.

Implementation of an CSMS (ISO 21434)

Our expertise extends to implementing a Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) dedicated to automotive context tailored to ISO 21434 standards and UNECE regulation, focusing specifically on your product's needs. This approach not only bolsters your product's cybersecurity throughout its lifecycle but also aligns it with global cybersecurity benchmarks in the automotive industry.

ISS Implementation (ISO 62443)

We excel in the implementation of an Industrial Security System (ISS) that complies with ISO 62443 standards, ensuring your product is fortified with industry-specific cybersecurity protections. This strategic approach safeguards your product's operational integrity throughout its lifecycle, aligning with the highest international security standards for industrial automation and control systems.

NIS2 Compliance

Our services are geared towards ensuring that your product adheres to the stringent requirements of the NIS2 Directive. We focus on implementing comprehensive security measures and processes, guaranteeing that your organization not only meets but exceeds the necessary standards for cybersecurity resilience and compliance.

training automotive cybersecurity

Next session : From May 13 to 16 2024

Day 1 - Introduction

The goal is to clearly understand the rules that apply to cybersecurity in the automotive industry, both directly and indirectly, by organizing in a logical way.

Day 2 - Deep Dive

Exploring real-world solutions and tangible methods to address the cybersecurity challenges we've uncovered in the automotive industry, focusing on practical application and real-life scenarios.

Day 3 - Tooling

Discovering which tool exist to achieve your automotive cybersecurity objectives.

Day 4 - Tooling

Focuses on the technical concept and architecture to protect automotive systems against cyber threats, ensuring vehicle security and data integrity.

Our cybersecurity skill center methods

Our flexible methods enable our teams to adapt to your organization's current processes.

We bring our expertise with our processes, which have proven efficiency and reliability over the years.

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Classic approach

You benefit from a single consultant who does not have all the skills to address all the cybersecurity  issues of your project.

SymbioT approach

You benefit from a complete team of experts with a single point of contact. Our experts are involved at each stage of development, and are an integral part of your organization to help you to achieve your cybersecurity goals.

Symbiot : Pioneering the Future of Cybersecurity Engineering Tools

Our dedicated products are designed to revolutionize security development, deployment and management, ensuring your systems stays ahead of evolving threats.

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Focuses on the technical concept and architecture to protect automotive systems against cyber threats, ensuring vehicle security and data integrity.


Focuses on protecting the network and data crucial for train operations.

We employ advanced encryption, threat monitoring, and vulnerability assessments to prevent cyber-attacks, adhering to strict industry standards


Ensures the security of flight systems through advanced encryption, threat detection, and adherence to strict industry standards. Our commitment helps maintain secure, efficient air travel in a digitally evolving airspace.

Smart cities

Integrates advanced security measures across critical infrastructure and digital networks. Our proactive approach ensures the resilience and seamless functionality of urban ecosystems in the face of evolving cyber risks.


SymbioT is committed to making every digital interaction safer and more reliable.


We are committed to supporting our customers with pre-eminent methods to achieve their cybersecurity goals.


We adapt our working methods to your existing R&D processes.


We combine cybersecurity and complex systems engineering to bring you unique, cutting-edge solutions for your projects.


We strive to have a positive impact on the world around us, by making users' lives safer and supporting the causes that drive us.

They already trust us


At SymbioT, we're driven by a desire to improve the world that goes far beyond our day-to-day work in cybersecurity.

We are proud to support associations such as Aveng Earth, 4L Trophy and, more locally, a martial arts club.

We are members of Clusif, a collective of cybersecurity experts.
Symbiot is French Tech company !

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